Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Venue : LNCT college, Bhopal
Date: 20, Nov 2016

Hi Folks,
This is my first hands-on event of Mozilla and the event was about "WebVR using A-frame". The Event started at 11:00 AM ,welcoming our Reps Mentor -Vaibhav Bajaj and Speaker - Kushagra varade
Mukesh Pathak (club executive of BSSS college) helped us to setup lab and related stuff prior to the starting of session.

Event started as decided on time with the introduction of Mozilla community and it's mission. Explaining it in a concise way, Kushagra sir switched to the very basics of web development. To learn WebVR using A-frame, Prerequisite were to have some knowledge about HTML. So Kushagra and Vaibhav Sir took care of it :D.

At last, Every single attendee was able to create VR frame. After clearing attendees doubts, we divided all attendees into 15 teams and there was a great competition between them. All teams have 30mins to make the best frame and win the competition. All teams were representing their knowledge, efforts and creativity on computer screen, So we were confused(and Amazed :D) in voting the winners. At last we finally come-up with top three frames and selected them as winners for the competition.

This was my first and fabulous experience with Mozilla Hands-on event, Where i learned a lot as an Executive member of LNCT Mozilla Campus Club and we together won the heart of all attendees by giving them latest update of VRframe without wasting their time :) :D.
At last i want to thank my college faculties, management and all Mozillians who gave us permission, support and encouragement for this event.
Feedback from attendees were taken in sticky notes and Yes! they all gladly said "An amazing event :D".
Link to photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146172244@N08/sets/72157672857913413/

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Treasure Hunt-Play virtually

Hello Folks,

As we promised you all with new events ,Here we are with an exciting event -Treasure Hunt(Play virtually) powered by Mozilla being conducted on Techfest-SRISTI'16 from 19 to 21 November .

Being part of Mozilla community is a great place to learn, So we are here with a new technology Web Virtual Reality(WebVR).Yes!! Virtual reality:):)
In this event -Treasure Hunt- There are three rounds.The first and second rounds are same as finding clues,location and your final target to complete the task.
The third round is a VR Frame Competition. Don't Panic !! Because passing first and second rounds will make you enter a free hands-on seminar  on VR frame conducted by Senior Mozillians.It will take 30 minutes to complete your basics and Boom!! Now you enter the actual competition.

You can contact Yash Hemnani(Executive at Fx LNCT club) for Registrations.
Refer above Poster for further details and contacts.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Club Monthly Meet October 2016

Hello Folks,

Date : 26 October 2016

Venue : Lnct Main

Timings : 1:30 to 2:30 P.M.

Mozilla Club LNCT Monthly Meet..
After waiting for so long ,Finally Fx LNCT Club became active. It was all possible by the efforts and support provided by our Mentor Vaibhav Bajaj.

This was our first meeting and a lot of new members appeared. Primary focus was to introduce Mozilla to new members. A lot of topics in the form of questions were covered.

The meeting started  at 1:30 PM by Yash Hemnani (Executive at Fx LNCT club). He clarified what Mozilla community means? Why does Web literacy matters?. A lot of interesting answers came with swag distribution :) :). After 20 minutes , Sahil Khan (Captain at Fx LNCT club) took the session on Mozilla learning. He focused on the free tools to teach and learn the web.Highlights were X-Ray goggles, Thimble and Webmaker.

After 20 minutes, Came the Q/A part and was handled by Saurav Chaudhary (Active Volunteer at Fx LNCT club) and Roshan Dawande(Executive Member at Fx LNCT). A lot of swag distribution questions put forward to make this meeting memorable. All the participants Enjoyed the first meeting.
Next time see you all, with new members ,events and meetings !!

And Feel Free to Join Us !!
For more Photos you can Click HERE..